Puddle Jumpers

I’ve never done it before.  Handed her over to a stranger.  Walked away.  For two hours.  I didn’t quite know what to do with myself.  Felt very strange.  It’s been, wow, a year and 1/2!  I just figured it out to write that sentence!  She’s been home a year and a half.  Still not as long as she was in Russia.






Back to Puddle Jumpers.  I handed her over she went willingly without looking back and she was fine.  She was excited, happy and ready.  She had her 3 other friends with her and felt safe and confident and ready.

Not sure I was so ready, I stayed in the car in the parking lot.

Until class was over and she returned to me!isabella-018


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Wishing I was a photographer

play-001I love close ups of kids.

Actually, I’m really in to close ups. 

I wish I had a great camera… any suggestions?

Also for software so I can play with the picture after.  What do you use?

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My little Bella Bean has so many cute things she says in her language.  I wish time would stop and she would talk like this forever and a day ~ that’s how long I could listen to such sweetness.

Della – Bella  (she used to call herself  Betta)

Issadella – Isabella

My luf it, k? – I’ll flush it, okay?  (flush the potty)

Mecome? – I’m coming with you, right?

Buck-a-dee  – bottom, butt

Man-ee  – Madi

Ky-la  – Kylor

Glash-ishes  – Glasses

Doo-delly  – Blueberry

Eh-mo  –  Elmo & Elbow

Dawns  – Dawn (our friend)

Pick-a-doo  – peek-a-boo

Bam-bidge  – bandaid

Bess Fen  – Best Friend

Worbles –  Marbels

Dellas Della –  Isabella’s Umbrella

Sue-mick –  Music

Shirk  –  Shirt

Panx  –  Pants

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Her Sweetness saying I love you


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Anything is possible…





     … but only if he wants to (and would do an awesome job).

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No words needed


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My boy is 9

Jan 30, 2009

Kinda scary.  But the other night we said good night to Eight and the next day it was good morning Nine.  Has this ever happened to you?  Yikes!

This was yesterday:


And now look:










Laloo KyKy!

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